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UNIKON feeder sleeves are produced with different physical properties and preformed shapes to achieve high performance in the casting according to the needs of foundries.

All feeder sleeve types have high insulation properties as common features, but the different exothermic properties are used in order to achieve the highest performance while casting different alloys.


Specific Gravity (gr/cm3)

Ignition Time (sn)

Reaction Time (sn)







10 - 180

> 180



10- 95

> 180

UNIZ:Feeders with only insulating characteristics are used with sleeves having a diameter larger than 300 mm. Also non-exothermic feeder sleeves are used on SGI castings where the sleeves are used  with a top feeder and there is a possibility and the risk of deterioration of the graphite structure. Also it can be used with aluminum castings for creating a higher  height / diameter ratio where an exothermic reaction is not necessary for low temperatures.

UNES:Mild exothermic properties are generally open type feeder sleeves (USS, USO, and USN series). A high exothermic property is not necessary for feeders that have long solidification times, thus instead of the exothermic properties, increased insulation properties are used to increase the feeding performance.

UNEX:High exothermic feeder sleeves. Especially castings using small blind feeders and casting alloys with feeding difficulties  (with wide solidification temperature range), high exothermic feeder sleeves are used. Molding processes where sleeves are used as inserts, demand high dimensional accuracy, and high pressure molding lines demand very good toughness values. With high dimensional accuracy and high toughness values, UNEX sleeves increase productivity by eliminating the need for anchoring with nails and eliminating the crushed sleeve problem.

The production of UNIKON feeder sleeves with an in house die production capability results in different  preformed feeder sleeves that can be produced according to foundry's needs. 
All UNIKON feeder sleeves have two layers. With blind sleeves the outer layer is hard and have very high dimensional accuracy. The open sleeves on the other hand, have a especially designed outer layer which has a very rough surface which prevents the sleeve from floating during casting and moving into the cast part while solidification takes place.